Friday, June 6, 2008

What was he thinking machi..

A few days back i went to the theaters for watching the latest Indiana Jones flick and MAN was it boring! I mean the script is a cross between a Telugu movie and a Tamil movie.It would've grossed much more the world over had it been a Rajni movie . This movie could've made for an excellent advertisement for promoting Rights for senior citizens!The average age of the cast would be in the mid 50s.Since it is a period movie of sorts the director has actually made a movie for the audiences of the 1940s.What was he thinking machi! Pure unadulterated crap!I can sit through 20 hours of History lectures on ancient civilizations and still those 2 hours will seem hard for me to get through.

Overall its a tribute to all the things that make you want to kill yourself

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Colossal Dude said...

Hey machi thanx for leaving ur comments ur blog is too gud da but i liked indiana jones dude dnt no y