Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Swami Gilamananda.. really?

Yesterday, television broadcast hit a new low in Tamil Nadu when private video footage of a certain God man and an actress of yesteryear was aired in a private News channel. People have been YouTubing the man like never before.( I wouldn't be surprised if was Googled more times than Megan Fox in the last 30 hrs!)

Angry protesters are setting fire to banners while fuel prices are going up. They're shutting down his 'ashrams' and 'retreats' because they don't have day jobs. Petitioners have filed a case against him under Sec 294(b) IPC(which relates to obscenity!) because there aren't enough cases pending in courts already.

Who aired the video ? What obscene act did the 'Swami' indulge in publicly? He scored an actress because he has the money and power to do so. Or perhaps he is even in a serious relationship with the woman. He should be the one filing a case here.He is being made scapegoat because we are too proud to admit we were stupid. It is a breach of his personal space and privacy. If it was a journalist who came up with the idea of wiring his bedroom,he must be sued!

Do any of us practice what we preach? More specifically,in this context, is it possible for any of us to practice abstinence(unless enforced)? Won't you bite the cake and eat it too when you get the chance?

All of us are hypocrites in one way or the other. We want our country to grow, but we don't pay our taxes because we want more! We crib about the system being corrupt and bribe the traffic police constable. We have change to fill hundials inside temples but have none for the old beggar outside. We associate ourselves with religions and philosophies which we don't follow, yet we fight for them. From fake smiles to our everyday prayers I can fill this entire page with our pretentiousness.

And when someone amongst us humans claims to be all that we cannot be as a species, we believe him. We shower him with largesses and worship him . Why? It is because we believe he can give us something that we don't have. We submit to his will and remain servile. Till one day when his humanness is exposed. Holy crap on my prashadam! The guy is HUMAN!

A friend told me that our religion stipulates Godmen to practice celibacy and be 'pure'. Well, our religion stipulates a million other things which we conveniently reject. The guy became a Godman because we believed what he said. Had we not believed in the first place, he would've probably become a successful Insurance salesman or a medical salesman. Instead, look what we did. He is going to jail and can't sleep with the actress for a while before he buys out his imprisonment.

Time waste money waste :(