Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Campus Blues...

My campus recruitments started on June 2 and i got myself a job.The company recruited 246 SSNites and i was one among them. A proud moment indeed. But this blog is not an expression of my joy.It is of agony. Agony that some of my deserving friends were unfortunate not to get a job. Students with high scores who worked hard throughout their college lives were left in the docks by the recruiters.These things are particularly cruel for those students wh0 haven't faced any sort of rejection or failure in their entire lives.And this failure is hard to cope with because, for some, campus placement is the objective behind their admission into Engineering education.

Although it's true that some of them do not possess the skills that these companies look for in an employee it is hard for me to digest the fact that my FRIENDS are going through this tough phase.I have had my share of failures and i can empathise with these people.I also have my own doubts on whether some of them will be able to take it.These are testing times and i pray that my friends do well for themselves..

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Malesh Ponnusamy said...

dont like to advice much but would like to share a beautiful story i read sometime back in reader's digest. Paraphrasing here.

a bell boy in the church who was over 50 years and the only thing he ever did in his life was ring the bell. a new pastor comes to the church and puts a rule saying that whoever is in the service of the church needs to be literate.

The old bell boy doesnt know how to read or write.the pastor gives him about a months time to learn. after a month the bellboy is still not able to learn. as a result gets fired. dejected and hopeless he strolls back to the village. he is thirsty and realizes that it is a long walk from the church to the village and there is no shop in between. he comes up with the idea of opening a lemonade stall on sundays when families come over to the church. it becomes a success.

over the years he builds his business and deposits money into the bank. the bank manager calls him over one day to advice him to transfer his funds to fixed deposit account as it would yield a lot of interest. All he needs to do is sign the paper. To which the bell boy replies i never knew how to read and write. THe bank manager exclaims only if u knew how to read and write you would have been more succesful, to which the old man replies i would still have been a bell boy ;-)

so u never know why delays and changes happen in life :) Anyway it is good to have a prayer whatever happens.