Sunday, July 11, 2010

Don't answer.

Have you been swept off your feet by a stranger? Have you felt a tickle in-between your ribs when someone looked at you? Have you disliked social conventions pertaining to human interactions? Have you felt great respect for someone whom you barely knew?

Have you felt your temples throb and send a chill down your body whenever you thought about someone? Have your thoughts drifted away when music played? Have you wished that your life were like a musical where you could cast the lead ? Have you considered learning how to play a musical instrument so that you could play for someone special ? Have random Blues artists on ReverbNation made sense all of a sudden? Have you felt that you need a creative outlet for the beautiful thoughts in your head ? Have you ever been jealous of poets who can put into words whatever they felt?

Have you read something and, in the end, understood what suspension of disbelief meant?