Friday, November 28, 2008

The Insignificant Indian

All of us have had to endure the torture and share the pain of our brothers and sisters in Mumbai who have been victimized by dastardly acts of cowardice.Reports of inhuman acts of terror have become rhetoric on Indian news channels to the point where some of us have become numb.But this act dubbed as a 'War on Mumbai' which lasted almost 60 hours reminded me of how insignificant we are in this country.

The fundamental democratic principle is to ensure that the opinion of every individual matters.Here we are at the face of one of the worst attacks on our country and its people,frustrated with the government and security agencies because of their incapability,angered by the sight of innocent people who have died for no reason,moved by the pictures of aggrieved family members.But what difference is it going to make?

Every incident of this nature has an expiry date in our memory depending on where people were killed , how many people were killed and most importantly Who was killed.As many as 18,350 civilians died during the past nine years in 61,226 incidents of violence in Jammu and Kashmir, north-east, naxal-affected States and communal flare-ups.Very few of which we have actually read about or bothered about.Even if we do read about it and flinch what do we do next? Turn to the sports page.It takes us close to 200 deaths in the financial capital and the worst hostage crisis in Indian history till date to sit up and take notice.I wonder if an attack of this nature in a small town claiming the same number of lives have the same effect on us.We probably would have dismissed it.The life of every Indian has a price tag that we have put on it by of his status in the society. The life of a labourer who struggles to make ends meet is as valuable as that of High-flying executive who dines at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. The first step in fighting terror is to appreciate this.

The very essence of a meaningful existence is to make a difference to the lives of the people around you.We have resorted to the fact that in our country we cant.And us resorting to such a conclusion is the defeat of purpose.

It is an insult, not only to the Government of India but to each and every Indian that someone has (once again) ridiculed us and reminded us that we are insignificant.A bunch of brutes have suggested that the tears shed and the lives lost will not transpire into anything .

Perhaps this is not the first piece of text you have read condemning terrorism and raising questions.It will defintely not be the last. So what do you plan to do?