Friday, May 16, 2008

Wrong timing machi

Recently i learnt my lesson on how important it is to get opportunities at the right time.My college announced an internship program for the Final year students, who are the most stressed out lot in college , with the worries about a future lying ahead of them. Also they have to cope with the fact that a few interviews could be make or break for them.The much hyped aptitude tests of Software firms is something students are freaked-out about because they have spent the last 3 years of their lives enjoying college life.Right now our profiles have nothing that set us apart from the crowd.Most of us don't even have a project to mention on our resumes.Althoug ,if expertise in Poker and Rummy count perhaps , we stand a terrific chance! After wasting all the time we had during the first 3 years our college is coming up with an Internship programme with impossible conditions to meet.It requires us to take a bus to college for 21 days on the trot during our summer holidays and work for like the whole day when we have those tests to prepare for.Had the management been smart they'd have arranged for this when we were in our second year or so.Now we're left with a blank resume and bitterness of having to let go of the opportunity.Its all about timing machi

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Am Back

After a long lay-off i've decided to start blogging again because i cant take the sheer torture of having to do nothing during my summer vacations. My friends tell me they're 'finally going to get some time-off'. I wonder what we did during the semester that has got them tired.Anyways lets get back to the subject of this blog ,which is NOTHING!

Actually there's are a lot of things going on in my life. Important decisions ,crucial interviews and the last year of college lies ahead of me.But its best that i take it as it comes.

I've started reading the ET and becoming familiar with businees jargon.Money is something that really fascinates me now.It directly affects everything around you.If you think about it you cant 'make' anything in today's world.You can only BUY it.

One disappointment is that off-late i have'nt found any band that fascinates me.Not even a good movie release.My only hobby of collecting movies has taken a beating. I havent added a movie to it in months.

My desktop crashed a few days back meaning that my wife is sick.Hate life without her.And as always i have taken my holiday vow of having to use them productively and this time i really see that happening i really do. Will update regularly from now on