Thursday, May 27, 2010

About Blank

I've looked everywhere for it. I read books which a few people suggested, even the Bhagvad Gita, but couldn't find it. I wandered for hours on the streets of Chennai, watching people go about their lives, and checked if i could find it in their lives. No.

I stared at the girl crossing the road to the other side, hoping to find it in her eyes when she turns around. I waited for her to, but she didn't look back. She was on the phone.(With her boyfriend, probably)I stood for hours on the seashore to see if it was in the sea. No. Not there. I left my home and went far away to a distant land hoping that i would find it there. The end result was knowledge that things which can't be found at home are seldom found away from it. I came back and watched my parents go through their grueling routines at 50. I spent hours trying to put myself in their shoes and figure out how they manage to do the things they do. I was left with a headache and a very poor image of myself as a son.

I looked at the less fortunate on the train. I searched their corroded plates and my HDFC salary account. It was pretty much the same but not the thing i was looking for. I listened(mostly) to Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, U2 and Coldplay. I read their lyrics on the internet for hours,but couldn't find it in their lines. So i stopped for a moment to write this to make sure I know what I am searching for. As it turns out, I don't. Do you know what you are searching for?