Friday, July 3, 2009

And I bid thee adieu my love....

I love her. She is the most amazing thing on Earth. Her peace,calm and quiet will never cease to amaze me. During times of crisis and waves of distress she rests. I can't hug her. Yet somehow i feel her warmth.She is a work of nature, painted with the colors of time. She has moulded herself over the years to suit changing times. Yet there is something about her that is unvarying. She treats her guests with nothing but kindness and love.They end up becoming her own.

She is a body of knowledge.She taught me all that i know.She has given me all that i have. The bond we share is so deep that separation doesn't hurt. For I, shall carry her with me wherever i go. And I know deep inside that she will be waiting for me.

I can smell her scent right now.I can't tell her i am leaving.She won't understand.She can't understand.A love affair of 21 years which will last a lifetime.My city.My Chennai.My love.I bid thee adieu.