Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New What?!

January 1, 2009

Last night i was out on the streets trying to discover what New Year celebrations are all about and why people do it.I have never 'celebrated' a New Year before.In my understanding New Year's eve was nothing more than a reason for guys to make use of open bars and 'couples only' parties to have fun.And for those with stiff budgets it simply was a time to get drunk,run around streets and get away with it.But i wasn't convinced.So i decided to just get along with the crowd hoot,yell and feel the 'spirit'.The plan was to experience the fun which i knew existed but have never understood or experienced.Instead i came back home with a deeper understanding about the world and myself.

The beach is one of those places where people throng on New Year's eve to celebrate.I went there by around 8:30 pm and met up with a classmate who had come there with a couple of his friends.And in a matter of 20 minutes i was a part of a gang of about 15 people.I am unable to recollect their names but they were a merry group.I did feel left out because i wasn't acquainted with any of them but they certainly were having the time of their lives.A closer look at the group and i realized that just like ordinary men these guys had dreams,desires and an element of dissatisfaction with life.But they were out to forget about all that they don't have and live the moment.It was the usual chit chat that you would observe in any group.But the idea was eminent.They were out to Live The Night.

I then met up with my best friend and the night began for us.He seemed to have a certain understanding of these celebrations.So we stuck together and kept roaming. We bought a bottle of Coca Cola and carried it with us sipping on it occasionally only to attract attention from passers by.It was only later that we understood that all of them had mistaken the bottle of Coke for alcohol and i guess it is expected out of 21 year olds.It reminded me about the inherent nature of the society to judge and stereotype people.From special children to homosexuals our perceptions are all skewed.We associate behavior with people rather than the other way around.Perhaps this is something people can ponder about on New Year's day!

At about an hour to midnight another group of friends joined us and now we were a gang.And as the night grew old people slowly started to loose their sanity.It was a combination of the New Year spirit from within and the New Year spirit which went in.The tiniest gimmick attracted a lot of attention which in turn spurred them.I guess the attention made them feel like performers and they revelled in their glory.And slowly all the groups wanting a share of the attention started to indulge.The end result was a huge crowd of people partying on the street with absolutely no bother.

I felt like i was watching a foreign language film without subtitles.But i knew that when the clock strikes 12:00 something special was going to happen.And it did happen.A strange emotion took over me.I had created a memory.A memory that all the guys with whom i spent last night will carry with them for a long time.Being a final year student in college i don't have the slightest idea as to where life is taking me.But at that moment, when i wished my friends a Happy New Year I wasn't thinking about why people around me were behaving the way they were i wasn't pondering over where i'd be by the end of 2009 all i knew was that i was standing on top of a parapet 7 feet above the ground hugging my friend wishing him luck with all my heart.This gesture was followed by mock Kung Fu duel and a huddle which strangers whose faces i can barely recollect joined.I too lost my senses because I had found what i was out to find.

Celebrations are about having people about around you to create memories which you can reflect on with a good feeling. Its not about how when where or why you celebrate.Its the happiness that matters.Everyday of the year is worth celebrating with the same zest.Eventhough it is impossible to do so memories are worth creating.It is worth doing something for atleast 2 mins a day which is worth remembering a lifetime.And it doesn't matter if we don't end up remembering them it is the intention that matters.

Its a beautiful day,don't let it get away....