Friday, September 14, 2007


When the number of people who made their way into the stadia in the UK for watching BORING county Cricket drastically reduced and the ECB saw a threat to their investments in the game. And so, in 2003 was born 20-20.A form of Cricket where a spectator would turn up at Half past Seven in the night and leave by Ten .What does he get? TNA..Total Non-stop Action! Big Sixes ,Tumbling Wickets, Electrifying Fielding!Twenty-20 in short is the essence of one-day cricket in a new bottle.The rules , some say, are for the batsmen and are harsh on the bowlers.But i'd say its for the SPECTATORS.

The group matches of the T-20 World Cup have proved many wrong.Teams going in with fast bowlers have been massacred while those with slow bowlers have been successful thus disproving the popular school of thought.And lets face it, 'minnow' teams have a real chance to defeat the established sides because of the game's nature.So it is a good thing that has happened to the game. Soon the racy instinctive kids with fast lives in the US and Europe will take to the game because its short and exciting .But the puritan in me just cant come to terms with the fact that the classic battle between a fast bowler with the cherry in his hand and the opener with the willow is fast dying out and soon might be a lost scene on the Cricket pitch.Test match cricket will suffer as more and more players begin to specialize in this form of the game. Mediocre fitness levels would suffice and 3 hours of cricket would pay lakhs!No longer should a cricketer have to work under the sun for 5 days in hard fought test matches.

Hit out Or Get out!!

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The Eternal Seeker said...

abdul kalam's wishes fulfilled...........india s a super power in 2020 !!!!!!!!!
but however i feel 2020 will be boring after a particular point as one cant keep watchin sixes and fours alone..... gud cricket and consistency ll be seen oly in the 5 days......