Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Burgeoning Happiness..

My parents celebrated their Wedding Anniversary on the 29th of August and since this year is their 25th together as a couple in matrimony my brother and i threw a Party. It trully was a wonderful feeling. For long i believed that social occasions were a total waste of time and were meaningless.I couldn't perceive how such occasions brought happiness . I was wondering how a mere congregation of the human species who are wound by 'social ties' which i believe are meaningless is going to make people Happy.And interestingly, atleast for me, i was proved wrong!!
My mother in her finest jewellery was the center of attention.And my father was at his casual best wearing a short-kurta and a jean.Both of them shone like candles in the dark!! The happiness was visibly overflowing.A feeling which i still don't know. The feeling of having your invitation acknowledged by so many people.I've always thought it was no big deal but i guess it is.The happiness that pervaded our house that evening is beyond the realms of my vocabulary and i am sure that of most.

Social situations aint that useless actually...

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Malesh Ponnusamy said...

Guess we share similar thought pattern ;-) Enjoy the celebrations :)