Monday, November 23, 2009

One man's gain...

I am a ruthless capitalist. I believe in aggressive business strategies. Capitalism is along the lines of Darwin's 'Survival of the fittest' . If someone has to over-power, exploit or even eliminate in order to profit in a business venture one should do so without any qualms. An environment which harbors incompetence and laziness such as communism will destroy man's urge grow intellectually. The urge to compete which makes us human (and animal at times) is what drives our lives. Life should be a challenge willingly accepted. Clearly i have always been against egalitarianism. And then i took up a job.

Today (even as i am writing this post in my cabin at work) a strike has been declared in my company. There are angry workers downstairs who are protesting for an increase in wages. An average worker earns Rs 4000 per month with a minuscule increase per year. The manufacturing sector is notorious for drastically underpaying workers. It is common place to constitute a majority of the workforce with contracted labors and have only a few permanent employees. The funda being that permanent employees are entitled to pay hikes and other perks whereas contract laborers are eligible only for flat payments. .From the company's perspective that is a lot of money in the bank.

In the last few months of living alone and fending for myself i have realized how difficult it is for a man with an average salary to survive. The cost of living is sky-rocketing and basic requirements for living are difficult to fulfill. It is impossible for a family to survive with only one earning member and a sum of at least Rs 20k is required per month. I have friends who struggle to make ends meet with their salary and it is quite saddening to see them depressed all the time.They fuel a machine which feeds on them and there is no way out.

So here i am, torn between what i have always believed in and what i am seeing first hand. I am neither the inflicter nor the affected. Will things always remain that way? Should one man's gain really be another man's loss?


Instinct said...

wt d company is doing is business.. wt ur rel to r personal feelings.. a smart businessman knos d diff

The Eternal Seeker said...

@ instinct

I guess it s abt not knwing the feelings

Instinct said...

thts y its called cut throat competition macha

Malesh Ponnusamy said...

First, welcome to the world and enjoy the ride ;-) things would be tough initially but then they would even out in the long run ;-)

Life is a great teacher and a businessman as well but with a difference ;-) Everyone profits at the end of the day though not always tangible. What you seek is most probably what you might not get but what u get is what you ever really needed ;-) And as far as capitalism and other paradoxes in the world are concerned they are like the dog's tail, can't straighten them.
Even though education makes man, it still has not been able to change his core instincts. We have the same primitive instincts we were born with 10,000 years ago ;-)
Guess it is time for a new "ism" in the world ;-) Communism collapsed, so is capitalism in the verge, so what next?

The Eternal Seeker said...

necessity is the mother of invention. i guess the need for a new philosophy has not yet been felt by the people.A majority of us are happy with the way things are.