Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Un Question de perspective

Watching the trees pass by,feeling the scorching sun and inhaling the smoke spewed by buses along the OMR a strange feeling engulfed me.My journeys back home from SSN will soon end.Nostalgia is a word that i am not particularly fond of.It takes away the beauty of the present and lets it slip-by. But there is a part of me that reminisces about those days of innocence, when i stepped into college without a clue about what was in store for me or what was beyond it.My first two years in college lacked direction and purpose. The college provided me with endless opportunities to have fun and i took all of them.Those were times when the earth spun faster and i was stuck in a moment. I was in awe with everything that surrounded me. I found my peers fascinating. There was more to learn from them than my professors. I was born again.

But somewhere down the line i realized that there is life beyond college and it was time to wake up from the deep sleep that my college had put me into.A vision of what i ought to be doing few years down the line was at the heart of everything i did. A sense of responsibility slowly crept into my system.I grew.

But due to a very questionable effort towards reaching what i set out for, I crashed and burnt.I died.My vision remains a hazy dream. And just like how an infant cries at separation from the warmth of its mother the thought of leaving college scared me a little bit.The heart cherished the familiarity while the mind questioned it. I was not in the place where i thought i 'd be and i didn't have the slightest clue as to where i would be in a few months from now.A part of me questioned my judgment and perhaps the vision itself.

The secret behind success is to see opportunity in times of adversity. My predicament unnerved me for a while before i realised that it was after all a question of perspective. I can either choose to be the infant or the man who sees possibility and is excited by it. The world is filled with opportunities and in every opportunity there are several possibilities.All of which is waiting to be explored!

From inglorious semester results to unlimited classroom fun and wonderful people,life in college had everything.I have learnt more about myself than engineering itself . The best is yet to come and life in SSN has only made me wiser by experience.
It is definitely the end of a chapter.But it has opened up an entirely new one.

Born again.Waiting to grow up.


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Aujourd'hui Est Le Premier Jour Du Reste de Votre Vie


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pithy maxim

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u seemd to have coped up wid this a lot better than me.. cheers:)